Powerful workplace analytics software for data visualization

Inform your workplace decisions with data

Supercharge performance

Make better decisions to optimize your workplace with space utilization analytics

Workspace Utilization

Workspace utilization

Get actionable insights for transforming employee experience & eliminating waste – for an agile, hybrid workplace.

  • Understand precisely how your rooms, desks & other resources are being used
  • Spot under-utilized spaces that are wasting valuable real estate
  • Take action when supply isn’t meeting demand, to boost collaboration and productivity

Eliminate wasted space

30% of meeting rooms are going to waste due to ‘no-shows’, costing thousands of dollars.

  • Reveal the impact of ‘no-shows’ and prove ROI as you make them a thing of the past with conference room analytics
  • Discover how much wasted space you’ve made available for extra collaboration
  • Find out how much-recouped space has been utilized, increasing productivity
  • Transform workplace utilization

    Optimize space utilization by making the invisible visible and eliminating no-shows

    Increase Productivity

    Increase productivity

    Supercharge Collaboration

    Supercharge collaboration

    Employee Experience

    Employee fulfillment

    Conference Room Analytics

    Conference room analytics

    15% of organizations’ collective time is spent in meetings.

    That’s why it’s essential to analyze and optimize the way meetings happen in your workplace.

    Workplace Analytics Software Visualization

    Workplace analytics software – visualization

    “Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had” Ben Schneiderman

    • Visualize your data by displaying it on floor plans, combined with Smartway2’s unique data ‘layering’ capability
    • See which spaces are available at-a-glance… or find a colleague you want to sit next to
    • Use heat-maps to reveal which rooms and desks are most popular
    • Customize data visualizations by overlaying shapes, colors and images onto your floor plans
    Visitor Management Analytics

    Visitor management analytics

    Analyze visitor and employee behavior to craft a truly VIP experience for your guests.

    • Gauge how busy your reception is and make data-driven staffing decisions
    • See how many of your hosts are pre-registering and welcoming the most visitors
    • Download all visitor data, including custom fields, to run your own detailed analysis