Meeting Room Display Panel

Meeting room booking software

Smartway2’s meeting and conference room booking system is a fast, flexible software solution that is easy to use and allows scheduling from any device (even Outlook!). Boost collaboration, transform employee experience and create a hybrid workplace.

Supercharge workspace utilization

Before the pandemic, offices typically had 70% desks and 30% collaborative spaces. In today’s hybrid working world, it’s the opposite. Smartway2 optimizes real estate costs and transforms employee experience by empowering you to configure your space based on reliable utilization data.

Every day, companies waste millions paying for premium meeting and conference rooms that go to waste, because people make bookings then fail to show up.

Smartway2’s booking software offers a Smart Room Recovery solution that solves this problem, once and for all.

  • Dramatically increase workspace utilization
  • Free up premium meeting and conference room spaces to boost collaboration
  • Improve productivity that would otherwise be lost to no-shows
Keep Everyone Informed

Keep everyone informed

Smartway2’s email and in-app notifications take team communications up a gear. The content of notifications is completely customizable, so you can easily tailor the tone to suit your brand. Notifications are a key part of any complex workflow.

The possibilities are endless!

  • Define notifications for any event, from confirmations and check-in reminders, to reservation changes or alerts from Facilities
  • Set up reminders for meeting organizers, giving them the option to cancel unwanted bookings directly via email or in-app message
  • Free up space that would otherwise go to waste
Agile Meeting Room Booking

Agile meeting room booking

When using a room booking system your team can effortlessly find the spaces and things they need, meaning they’re free to focus on the work.

  • Create impromptu bookings in seconds
  • Book ahead, including recurring meetings
  • Order everything you need (catering, AV equipment, room layouts)
  • Make bookings from any device through our mobile app or integrate the software with Outlook, Office 365 and Teams

Sick of fighting over meeting rooms?

Whether you have one office or hundreds of meeting rooms across multiple locations, life is too short to waste time hunting for space, lurking outside over-running meetings, or getting kicked out of your space.

  • Reduce time spent organizing meetings and room-hunting
  • Eliminate no-shows
  • No more mix-ups, clashes and double bookings
  • Make late starts a thing of the past

Schedule it your way

Increase productivity by giving your team quick and easy access to all the spaces and things they need.

Check In Time

Check-in & out

Hosts and attendees can check in to meetings via smartphone, swipe card or room panel. If nobody shows up the meeting is cancelled to free up the room.

Search & filter

Search for the right room by location, capacity, equipment, room layout options and more. You can even define your own searchable properties.
Catering 1

Catering & services

Manage services like catering and equipment, or define your own. Use customizable approvals and smart notifications to manage Facilities, Catering and IT workflow.
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Combined rooms

Partitioned meeting rooms? No problem. Search for rooms based on combined capacity and select a configuration. Automatically add set-up and break-down time, with notifications sent to your front-of-house team.

Workplace analytics

Make better decisions with Smartway2 workplace analytics. Our flexible reporting engine keeps everyone informed with a range of interactive reports, both static and real-time.

  • Discover how much space is going to waste and how much you’ve recovered by using Smartway2
  • Enhance your reports by incorporating data from external sources (e.g. access control, occupancy sensors or building management systems)
  • Export your data in various formats, or pull it into a dashboard
  • Full audit trail of all bookings
Low Maintenance

Set and forget low maintenance!

Less on-going admin, once your set-up is configured and tailored to your way of working, it takes care of itself. Your data is backed up automatically, and leavers and joiners are managed automatically via Active Directory.

What’s more, since no software is required on your local machines, even hardware changes have no effect on Smartway2.

Work Your Way

Work your way

With just a few clicks, you can define your own workflows and configure your own rules. As a result, you’ll find your office starts running like clockwork – no training required.

For instance:

  • Set-up an approval process for high-demand spaces
  • Ensure some rooms are only bookable by senior executives
  • Give room-booking priority to a particular person or group of people
  • Define which services are available per room (e.g. AV equipment, catering, or specific layouts) and how much notice is required to book them
  • Grant your Catering Manager, Head of Facilities, or perhaps your CEO’s PA special powers to override rules

Want to learn more about meeting room booking rules?

Book anywhere, anytime

The intuitive user interface looks consistent across all devices. Our desk booking app is so easy to use, there’s no learning curve.

Meeting room panel

Meeting Room Display Panel
Check in; or create, extend and end meetings in an instant. Our sleek, purpose-built room panels offer a built-in RFID/NFC card reader, bluetooth and QR code so you can swipe, tap or scan.

Web calendar

Desktop Calendar
Take charge of your workspaces across multiple locations and time zones. With full drag and drop support it’s a breeze to view, create, approve and manage your organization’s bookings centrally and in real time.

Mobile apps

Mobile App
The full power of Smartway2 in your pocket. Book rooms, desks and services no matter where you are. Instantly locate a resource close to your current location, get directions to local parking and much more.

Desk booking panel

Desk Check In
Experience the future of desk booking! A simple, elegant solution that shows availability and existing bookings – while enabling you to reserve a desk for now or later. Our desk booking app also works with mobile & RFID.

Outlook booking

Smartway2 works with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac. With industry-leading functionality and zero-install deployment, our integration is more advanced & reliable than any other.
Meeting Room Display Panel
Desktop Calendar
Mobile App
Desk Check In
Event Attendance

Manage event attendance

Whether you run yoga classes or lunch-and-learns, Smartway2’s self-enrolment feature enables you to easily manage event attendance.

  • Set capacity and time limits on your event
  • Automatically cancel events if the minimum number of attendees don’t sign up
  • Notifications keep event attendees informed pre- and post-event
  • Full audit trail of event attendance
Digital Signage Entrance

Digital signage

In addition to the Smartway2 Meeting Room displays, you may wish to deploy real time updateable signage around your building. Maybe a list of Current meetings in reception, available meeting rooms in the lift or lobby, or even a display of catering orders in your pantry area.

Smartway2 will automatically update any html page of your choice, so you have the ability to create your own pages, featuring items such as news feeds, video content, or weather forecast alongside your meeting room data.